Commercial Users 

The installation of radiator reflectors is a ‘heating qualifying action’ under the Energy Companies Obligation Scheme (ECO) 

Benefits, Energy & CO2 savings 

Reduce tenants’ energy bills 
Typical payback less than a year 
Radflek can be supplied in our sheet packs or in our 96m by 0.6m Pro Roll 
Reduce CO2: 
8 sheet pack saves up to 2.56 tonnes of CO2 
Pro roll saves up to 25 tonnes of CO2 
CO2 savings claims backed up by BBA/BRE test data 
EST Listed 
Multiple Uses: 
Action on fuel poverty 
Boiler maintenance 
Energy advisers 
Offers to tenants 

Improve your housing stock cost effectively 

Radflek is the quickest and easiest radiator reflector to install available for commercial use 
Only takes minutes to fit per radiator 
Improves your housing stock, cost effectively 
No adhesives 
No radiator removal required 
No major maintenance required 

Plumbers, Installers and Fitters 

Boost earnings on every installation job by fitting Radflek during routine boiler maintenance visits and other health check visits 
Only takes minutes to fit per radiator 
No adhesives or radiator removal 
Profit from installation 
Discounted prices on small bulk orders 
Easy payment with credit card telephone orders 
Fast delivery within 3 days 
Your customers could be wasting money through heat loss behind their radiators, but think that it will be a time consuming and fiddly job to do anything about it. You can solve this for them. Radflek can be fitted in around 3 minutes per radiator, (no adhesives or radiator removal required). 
Radflek has helped many plumbers and installers boost their income easily. It is a quick and easy-to-install solution for reducing energy bills that can be offered to customers as part of a standard service. 
"It takes two installers just twenty minutes to fit Radflek to twelve radiators and it really makes a difference to the warmth of the house" Andy Gomm, Wall-Lag 

Existing customers in the commercial & housing sector include: 

Local authorities 

Charitable establishments 

Ministry of Defence 

Educational establishments 



Commercial Case Studies  

Aster Homes 

Aster Homes purchased a selection of 3 and 5 sheet packs of Radflek under their Better off Green project, to offer to their tenants free of charge. 
Aster promoted the offer via flyers sent through the post. The tenants then requested their free pack via pre-paid application forms. Aster sent through a weekly drop shipment order to the Radflek website and all fulfilment was managed by Radflek in-house. 
Aster’s Better off Green campaign has won a Green Apple Award 

Your Homes Newcastle 

Your Homes Newcastle put 500 Radflek radiator reflectors in its tenants’ homes as part of its Energy for the Future project to improve housing in order to meet the Government’s Decent Homes standard. The project equipped tenants with both knowledge and the tools to save energy and be warmer in their homes. 
Radflek was one of several low cost, quick to fit energy saving measures used. Other products included in the project were; toilet cistern flush controllers, shower regulators, draught excluders and temperature comfort cards. 
Household bills have reduced significantly for the properties that have so far benefited from the scheme saving an average of £10- £20 per month on energy bills. 

Great Places 

North West-based housing association Great Places has helped residents stay warm and save money this winter by fitting more than 120 homes with Radflek Radiator Reflectors. The reflectors were fitted as part of the housing group’s annual You Can Glow campaign, which aims to help protect vulnerable residents’ homes against falling temperatures – keeping tenants comfortable and cutting their bills during the colder months. 
This year’s You Can Glow has seen Great Places fit an impressive 672m2 of Radflek. This not only means it will cut its homes’ emissions by around 239 tonnes over the next 15 years, but also that hundreds of residents are set to feel the benefit of warmer, more efficient homes and lower bills. 
The You Can Glow campaign is hugely popular with our residents and is all about getting homes ready for winter, so Radflek is the perfect fit. Not only does it hang quickly and discreetly behind any conventional radiator without any fiddly sticking, but it also starts working straight away and keeps delivering ongoing savings for residents for years to come. Most tenants were able to fit the sheets themselves, with our team of volunteers providing support for any who needed it. 
Sarah McClelland, Environmental Manager at Great Places 

Wall-Lag Arbed Project, Wales: 

Wall-Lag the insulation and renewable energy specialists, have been working with the Welsh Government on the arbed programme, originally launched back in 2009 to bring environmental, social and economic benefits to Wales. 
The arbed area-based programme looks for opportunities to provide assistance on a street-by-street or community basis rather than with individual households, through funding for energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies. 
Measures include: solid wall insulation, solar hot water, heat pumps, boiler upgrades and maintenance, heating controls and fuel switching. The programme follows the energy hierarchy, which means energy efficiency measures like insulation, are undertaken before renewable energy measures. Radflek radiator reflectors were installed at the end of Phase 2 of the programme, as a low cost, quick fit solution, where other measures were not suitable. Wall-Lag has fitted 1200 homes with Radflek, totalling over 2,361m2 which is the equivalent of just over quarter of the pitch at the National Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, and reducing carbon emission by about 818 tonnes over the next 15 years.bills. 
I was initially pretty sceptical when we were asked to install Radflek, but it’s a great, low cost product that’s quick and simple to fit. Radiator reflectors tend to be fiddly and time consuming to install. This, however only takes two installers just twenty minutes to fit to twelve radiators and it really makes a difference to the warmth of the house. 
Andy Gomm, Wall-Lag 


BHESCo installed Radflek Pro Rolls under the Sustainable Homes and Inclusive Neighbourhoods project (SHINE). Partnering with Brighton and Hove City Council to offer free home energy improvement surveys for an additional 150 local homes. SHINE project aims to tackle draughts and damp as well as reducing energy bills for residents during the cold winter months. 
The survey identifies how heat is being lost and how to fix it quickly. BHESCo then arrange a follow up visit to install energy saving and insulation measures such as LED lights, window door and draught excluders, chimney balloons and Radflek energy saving radiator reflectors. 
Since 2016, BHESCo have completed more than 650 energy surveys for residents of Brighton and Hove, helping people to save over £50,000 on energy bills collectively. 
I wanted to thank BHESCo for all that you did for me - its great having the low energy light bulbs and the draft excluder for the door and the Radflek radiator reflector foil that will keep me warm all winter. 
(SHINE customer) 

Get in touch with Michael Back, Sales Director 

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